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About us


Welcome to Widerøe Virtual and your virtual flying career with us. The one and only goal of this project is to raise awareness of this small Norwegian airline.

Widerøe Virtual is based on the oldest regional airline in Norway, Widerøe.


Widerøe was established on the foundations of two small airlines. The first was the company, Lotsberg & Skappel, which Helge Skappel owned along with Leiv Brun, Ditlef Smith and Erik Engnæs, operating a Gipsy Moth. The other was Widerøe & Bjørneby, which was founded by Viggo Widerøe and Halvor Bjørneby, and operated a Simmonds Spartan. Cooperation started between the two companies as well as Norsk Aero Klubb to establish air shows in Eastern Norway. During the winter, they stationed the planes at mountain resorts and made revenue from flying skiers into the wilderness. Advertisement flights were introduced, where a company or product name was painted on the hull, with a neon-light version underneath, and leaflets dropped from the planes.


Fred. Olsen & Co. decided to buy part of Widerøe again in the late 1960s, and in 1970 Braathens SAFE bought 18% of the company. In 1991 Braathens SAFE and SAS sold to Fred. Olsen, who owned 64% of the company. The other owners at that time were Torghatten Trafikkselskap, Nordlandsbanken and Fylkesbaatane i Sogn og Fjordane. In 1997 Fred. Olsen sold 29% of its stock to SAS Group, who later bought the rest of the company.


In November 2012, SAS Scandinavian Airlines announced that it planned to sell Wideroe. SAS also plans to sell its ground handling division and as well a lot of its fixed assets and hoped to raise around 440 million USD through this. Flybe has already announced its interest in an acquisition. In May 2013 the SAS Group sold 80 percent of its stakes in Wideroe to Norwegian investors. The sale is expected to close in September 2013.


Widerøe currently ownes 43 aircraft, and they are the biggest operator of the Dash 8-100 and first commercial operator of the Embraer E190-E2. 


We hope to see you in the air soon! Happy flying!

- Widerøe Virtual Staff