The new Widerøe Virtual

Welcome to the new Widerøe Virtual website. Start by logging in/registering above.

The website is in a state of construction, content will be added continuously.

Widerøe Virtual is in the process of moving all pilot statistics to the new VAMSYS handling platform. Please be patient. For a closer status and to chat with staff, please visit our Discord server at

Points and ranks

Welcome, pilot! A major thrill of joining a Virtual Airline is about logging flight time, earning points and ranking up. All details on this issue may be found inside VAMSYS after you have registered and logging in, and details are automated and updated from our staff. Make sure you check the details from time to time to ensure you understand them. Existing points and ranks will be transferred/adapted from the old system.

Updated details on earning points may be found here

Point threshold levels for ranks

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