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Newest Pilots

WIF1347 Christian Carlsson

WIF1346 William Jensen

WIF1345 Азамат Исламов

WIF1344 Emil Trane

WIF1343 Luis Saavedra

WIF1342 Riccardo Brenna

WIF1340 Florian Schmidt

WIF1339 Liviu Nicolau

WIF1338 Dieter Windels

WIF1337 Christer Vego

Latest News

America Next - 04/01/2020

Screenshot Contest - 03/14/2020

Notice to all new pilots - 03/05/2020

Situation Report - 06/17/2019


Total Hours: 4006.41
Total Flights: 5098
Miles Flown: 936,670 nm
Total Schedules: 585
Pilot Recruitment Status: Open


Welcome to Widerøe Virtual! (Vi er IKKE flyselskapet Widerøe! / We are NOT the real Widerøe)

Feel free to join us today! You can read more about us here

Some of the features we offer are:

- A fantastic logger named smartCARS

- Real routes

- Repaints exclusively made for WV members

- and active staff!

NOTE: We are in no way affiliated with the real Wideroe, and we are not making money of this project!

Live Flight Information

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Airframe Registration Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain

Recent Flights

Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate
WIF49F BENOVENSG00.26Chris Lewis -421
WIF76G BENSDENOV00.15Chris Lewis -251
WIF02Q BENFLENBL00.19Азамат Исламов-145
WIF96B AENBRENBL00.23Christian Zhang-363
WIF49F CENSGENBR00.25Christian Zhang-98